Our Server

Our dedicated server is generously provided at no cost to us from FlokiNET! We are not affiliated with them, although they were kind enough to provide a very nice server for free.

Server Specifications:
2x Intel Xeon (type not specified for security)
2x 500GB SSDs in RAID 1
32GB of ECC Memory
1Gbps Uplink

Configuration & transparency: xmpp.is/about/transparency

Clearnet Server Details:
Domain/Host: xmpp.is, xmpp.chat, xmpp.co, xmpp.cx, xmpp.fi, xmpp.si & xmpp.xyz
SOCKS5 Bytestream Proxy (domain dependent): envoy.xmpp.*
BOSH URL: http.xmpp.is/http-bind
In-band Registration:
Web Registration: Open
C2S Port: 5222
S2S Port: 5269

Hidden Service Details:
V2: y2qmqomqpszzryei.onion
V3: 6voaf7iamjpufgwoulypzwwecsm2nu7j5jpgadav2rfqixmpl4d65kid.onion
In-band Registration: Open for V2
C2S Port: 5222
S2S Port: 5269