Registrations are back yet again!

Hello users!

Registrations are back… Yes, this is the 2nd time now. The cause of registrations breaking this time was an issue with Prosody’s HTTP library not supporting SNI. I am unsure what changed or happened exactly as it was working fine on Debian 9. After the upgrade to Debian 10 it broke. Unfortunately the Prosody devs likely don’t have much time to work on the issue, so a generous contributor Nathaniel Suchy improved the default captcha. This is good because we no longer have to use Google’s captcha (privacy issue). Nathaniel obfuscated the captcha code to make it harder for bots to automatically solve. Thank you Nathaniel!

Nathaniel made numerous commits to the mod_register_web module code. Nathaniel also made some changes to our mod_register_web theme code.

Check out Nathaniel’s blog if you have time to spare!

~ Lunar