Status update on mod_mam

Hello users!

Last night I performed maintenance to disable mod_mam archives by default (along with the few other things).

This means that messages are not archived by default on the server, and are only archived if your XMPP client specifies that they should be. The MAM module has one major flaw right now. It cannot purge archives fast enough. It seems to get stuck and it kept the messages for much longer than it was supposed to. Due to this, during the maintenance I have purged all MAM archives from the server. Security, privacy and transparency are all my number one priorities when it comes to the server. When I enabled MAM on the server I had to consider the benefits vs the trade-offs. I believe we’ll be better off with MAM disabled by default, because a lot of clients don’t even support it yet.

If you can have any questions, feel free to reach out!

~ Lunar