Server Switch Successful!

As I announced on XMPP a server switch was happening. I decided to do this because the old i3D server was too costly and for some odd reason it took 5 minutes for the server to come back up after every reboot. All data has been transferred over and we are now running on a LeaseWeb VPS with these specifications:


This should be more than enough as Prosody is very efficient and uses minimal resources. Also instead of the server hosting both the site and Prosody I have used SRV DNS records to allow the site to be hosted somewhere else while forwarding all XMPP queries to (port 5222 & 5269). This is much better because if the XMPP server goes down, updates can be posted on the site where there is no downtime. For fun here is the SRV records I used: 3600 IN SRV 10 5 5222 3600 IN SRV 10 5 5269

I also apologize very much for the downtime, I had a bit of trouble setting this up. But now that all is better, get back to chatting! 🙂