IPv6 Ready & Changelog

We’re now IPv6 ready! You can connect to the XMPP.is site and Prosody server even if you don’t have an IPv4 address.


I’ve also created a changelog that will list every major action I perform on the server, including security updates and scheduled downtimes.

MUC & mod_onions Now Supported!

Support for MUC (Multi-User Chat) has been added and you can now join the official chatroom “lounge@muc.xmpp.is”. I have made a guide on how to connect with Pidgin here.

Also mod_onions support is back and the new hidden service is “y2qmqomqpszzryei.onion”. You can use this to register an account if you’re using Tor.

Downtime Cause!

When I rebooted the server recently to patch some linux kernel vulnerabilities it messed up Prosody and was unable to read the certificate files because of a bash script I made to copy over the Let’s Encrypt certificates in a cronjob. I did chmod 600 instead of 700 in the script so it made the files unreadable to Prosody. WOW was that a dumb mistake… Sorry about that! Good thing it was only about 20 minutes of downtime. Took me a while to figure it out while I was tired. (Note to self, don’t reboot server when tired).

Here is the script if you were curious.